Električna kosilica – HECHT 1641

Šifra proizvoda: HECHT1641

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Sigurna kupovina | Mogućnost obročnog plaćanja

Električna kosilica radne širine 41 cm. Ulazna snaga 1600 W. Zapremina košare 50 l. Bez kolica. Kosilica je prikladna za košenje površina do cca. 750 m2.

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  • high-quality powerful powerful motor 1600 W
  • High-quality metal chassis
  • Mulching plug free of charge as standard
  • Central adjustment of all wheels
  • speed transmission by means of a small V-belt significantly increases the torque of the machine (Turbo engine) and prevents the engine from burning out and thus expensive repairs
  • when the blade hits an obstacle
  • User-friendly and very simple operation
  • Elegant and timeless design
  • Ergonomic handlebar shape for maximum comfort at work
  • Quick-fold and unfoldable handlebars for easy transport
  • Large modern plastic-textile basket 50 l with comfortable handle and fill indicator
  • large handle on the engine cover for easy carrying of the mower

HECHT 1641 is an electric mower built on an honest massive metal chassis. A powerful “TURBO motor” with a high torque of 1600 W is used for the drive, which drives steel blades with a working width of 41 cm. The cutting height adjustment can be selected centrally between 30 and 75 mm. A 50-litre basket is used to collect grass clippings. These parameters predestine the mower for regular maintenance of plots with a recommended area of up to 750 m2.

An accessory included in the price of the mower is a mulching kit, which covers the ejection hole of the chassis into the basket and, thanks to the special design of the blade, the grass is then cut slightly. These residues then fall to the roots of the lawn, where they rot and serve as a natural fertilizer. Interestingly, this mulch does not clog the grass with thatch, on the contrary, it protects it from moisture loss, thus promoting its healthy growth.

With this mower, the manufacturer did not even neglect the elaboration of the handle. The connection of the handle to the chassis is really sturdy, the handle does not move in any way, but thanks to the use of star nuts, it can be easily detached or folded at any time in a few seconds. A big advantage is also the motor switch lever, which runs across the entire width of the handle. This makes it possible to guide the mower with any hand and use the other hand, for example, to safely handle the power cord. Of course, there is also a safety button against accidental starting and a cable strain reliever.

The designers also paid attention to the 50-litre basket with a mechanical indication of the filling level. The basket is equipped with a small flap at the back, which is lifted by the air flow from the mower rotor. Thanks to the change in flow depending on the filling status of the basket, this valve changes its position and the operator has a constant overview of the condition of the basket.

Thanks to the use of electric drive, the mower is really easy to operate. The disadvantage of having to use a power cord is substantially outweighed by the ease of starting, operation and, compared to internal combustion engines, much easier maintenance, which reduces operating costs many times over.

Preporučena površina rezanja do 750 m2

Motor električni 230 V/ 50 Hz

Tip pokretača Elektromotor

Potrošnja energije (W) 1600

Metalni dizajn šasije

Centralno podešavanje visine Da

Malč Da

Težina (kg) 21.3

Radna širina (cm) 41

Zapremina košare u (litrama) 50

Visina dizanja max (mm) 75

Visina dizanja min (mm) 30

Promjer kotača naprijed/straga (inči) 7/8

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Težina 21,3 kg
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